About US

Who we Are:

Zhittya Genesis Medicine is a biotechnology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are seeking to commercialize human FGF-1, a potent, naturally occurring growth factor. Since its discovery in the 1970s, FGF-1 has been extensively studied. Although very promising clinical results were achieved when FGF-1 was administered to patients with severe coronary artery disease and chronic diabetic foot ulcers, efforts to bring FGF-1 to market have largely been abandoned with no additional clinical testing reported since 2009. Zhittya's management believes that FGF-1 has the potential to be a revolutionary new biological drug for the treatment of numerous diseases characterized by a lack of blood flow to an organ or tissue. In fact, there are over 75 human diseases resulting from a lack of blood flow or perfusion to tissues and Zhittya has now targeted 19 of those disorders for treatment with FGF-1.


CEO: Daniel Montano

President and CSO: Jack Jacobs

Vice President of Strategic Innovations: Viktoryia Montano

Vice President of Marketing and Latin American Developments: Sergiy Montano